BioFreeze® Pain Relievers


  • New Formula includes: 4% Menthol and number of Botanical ingredients like Arnica, Aloe, Boswellia, Green tea, Burdock, and Lemon Balm.
  • 100% Paraben-free.
  • Delivers targeted pain relief to treat muscle injuries, strains and sprains, neck, shoulder/arm, hip, leg, back, foot/ ankle , joint pain, arthritis and tendonitis.
  • Greasless and non-staining with vanishing scent.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • No change to sprays, singles and wipes who have herbal ingredients, are colorless and paraben-free.
  • By Performance Health.
  • A deep penetrating, long lasting topical analgesic for the relief of pain associated with arthritis, sore muscles and joints and backache.
  • Contains, Ilex, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub.
  • New Formula gel is smoother and slightly thicker so it does not “ball” up as it is dispensed, making it easier to apply.

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16 oz. Pump (Item 020003), 16 oz. Pump (Item IPT020003), 16 oz. Spray (Item 021601), 16 oz. Spray (Item IPT021601), 3 Fluid oz. Roll-On (Item 020001), 3 Fluid oz. Roll-On (Item IPT020001), 32 Fluid oz. Gel Pump (Item 020004), 32 Fluid oz. Gel Pump (Item IPT020004), 4 oz. Gel Tubes (Item 020002), 4 oz. Gel Tubes (Item IPT020002), 4 oz. Spray (Item 021600), 4 oz. Spray (Item IPT021600), 5 Gram Gel Packet 100 Packs/Box (Item 020199), 5 Gram Gel Packet 100 Packs/Box (Item IPT020199), One Gallon with Pump (Item 020005), One Gallon with Pump (Item IPT020005), Singles 10 Per Box (Item 022535), Singles 10 Per Box (Item IPT022535)