Urban Poling: ACTIVATOR 2


The patented and FDA Approved ACTIVATOR® walking poles are designed for balance and weight bearing. Adjustable in height for users up to 6′ 4″ and collapse down to 25″ for travel. Comes with bell tips and trekking baskets.

New ACTIVATOR2™ Poles are designed for taller clients while collapsing shorter for travel.

Recommended by leading surgeons, physicians and therapists, our ACTIVATOR™ Poles were designed by an occupational therapist specifically for rehab and long-term conditions. Our unique patented CoreGrip was designed specifically for strengthening, stability and off-loading with your safety in mind. ACTIVATOR Poles are utilized extensively with post/hip knee surgery, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, pain management, sports injuries, cancer rehab, spinal conditions and older adults.

New ACTIVATOR2™ Poles are were designed for taller clients while collapsing shorter for travel.

Patent ergonomic Coregrip designed for core strengthening while reducing strain on wrist
Bell shape tip for stability
Strapless to minimize injuries
Anti-vibration features to minimize stress on joints
Adjustable to user heights to 6'4"
Trekking baskets
3-section collapsible for travel – 25”
Flip and button lock – 200 lbs of weight-bearing per pole